Pentagon Inspections Pricing

Our Home Inspections include a Moisture Intrusion Inspection

1 Bedroom$350.
2 Bedroom$395.
3 Bedroom$450.
4 Bedroom$475.
Duplex Down/PenthouseAdd $95.
Townhomes (up to 3,750 sq ft)
1 Bedroom$395.
2 Bedroom$450.
3 Bedroom$495.
4 Bedroom$550.
Each additional 1,000 sq ftAdd $150. per 1,000 sq ft
Each additional HVAC systemAdd $45.
Single Family Homes (up to 3,750 sq ft)
1 Bedroom$395.
2 Bedroom$455.
3 Bedroom$525.
4 Bedroom$595.
5 Bedroom$655.
6 Bedroom$725.
Each additional 1,000 sq ftadd $150. Per 1,000 sq ft
Each additional HVAC systemAdd $45.
Multi-Unit Buildings
2 Unit/Flat$675.
3 Unit/Flat$775.
4 Unit/Flat$875.
Stand alone inspections of Residential components
Electrical Inspection$175.
Plumbing Inspection$175.
HVAC Inspection$175.
Gas Service Inspection$175.
Roof Inspection$195.
Additional Residential Services and Fees
Radon Testing$215.
Return Trip Fee$175.
Final Walk-through Prior to Closing$175.
Re-inspection of Repaired Items$195.
Moisture Intrusion Inspection$225.
New Construction Phase InspectionsCALL
11 Month Warranty InspectionCALL
Pre-Listing InspectionCALL